Monday, August 30, 2010

More and more and more good stuff is my oldest site, and now, my newest, with a complete overhaul.

Here are the rest

Keyworded, meta-tagged and all that kind of good stuff.

Fine Art America and UGallery are absolute gifts of the gods... I'd recommend them to any and all.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where You Are There You Are

There beautiful and powerful images all around us. All it requires is the presence of mind to see and the nerve to take the picture. Since film is no longer an issue, SHOOT!
And shoot some more.

I've found that I am not filling up my memory card the way I used to when I first started shooting digital, and this is good.

I went to one of my favorite gardens yesterday to shoot (it's part of the NY City Park System, so all manner of rues are in place. One of them is about commercial activity, the other requires permits to use tripods. There was a photography class standing at the gates, surrounding the teacher, who was yelling into his cell at a parks department official and having his class shout, in unison into the phone. He apparently had been told he couldn't have twenty five students with tripods in the garden all at once without a permit.

Public areas are not free for all kinds of uses at all times. Photographers have enough problems with the image of being rude, intrusive and pushy as it is...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Site....

I will be uploading new content to - go look.
The old version had too much and not enough, I'm paring down and simplifying. Not just my site(s), but I'm stripping out any software that I don't use often enough to justify the disk space and wasted cpu cycles.

Monday, August 23, 2010

If You Work For Free...

You get paid what you are worth.
There are a ton of excuses for working fro free or next to nothing, and they all seem to fall under the category of disbelief in one's abilities, talents and value.
The only time I work for free is when I am donating services and take a tax deduction for them.
Yeah - the Internets have made it harder...
You don't have to pay for film, processing and shipping...
You wanna get a start...
It's OK because you have a day job...
Except - The Interwebs has made it possible to market to the entire world, you have huge equipment costs and equipment value drops precipitously, the only start you'll get is with those who won't pay, and with a day job should act as a back-up, not a replacement for income.
Attitude turns it around.