Friday, August 19, 2011

Lilies and More Lilies

Water lilies...

and in black and white (the water tends toward a murky slime green shade, a bit like zombie barf).

So I try to endarken the water by getting in the shade....

And with a careful combination of layers and filters and bears oh my - a fair black and white can be obtained.

Kinda had to crawl between tourists to get this angle...

And here's a non water lily.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pushing Myself

A Moment in Time 2

Mostly been pointing my flickr feed at this blog and wandering off to make more images.  Not fond of writing.
Recently been uploading to sites where people vote and favorite (if that can be a verb).  At first I thought is was kind of tacky, but it has been making me push myself harder to make stronger, more gripping images.  It's also forcing me to think about the quality, or qualities an image needs to be noticed on the interwebs.
A Moment in Time 1


This can be demanding, and that's good.  Anything that demands that I become more conscious of what I am seeing is a plus.  I'm also lucky to be next to one of the greatest parks in the world, and one of the best gardens.  The Conservatory garden is small, but accessible, and within walking distance.  Been practically living there - and if the economy keeps going south....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Round Up at the Bokeh Corral

Since when has this been called "Bokeh"?

Been shooting this way to isolate subjects since I had my first camera.  Used to call it selective focus, used it for what it's best used for, and didn't make a fetish out of it.

Use a long lens, shoot at the widest f stop, and hot damn! free seamless background!  The subject is isolated from all the clutter!

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