Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Things I Do Not Miss About Film:

Film itself. 
The expense.
Having to carry black and white and color film, two or three camera bodies, one for each type of film.
Waiting for the film at the lab, finding out that the flash sync was off, scratched film, film with embedded dust, air bells, color chemistry was off, color cast in your slides  due to bad chemistry or spoiled film, cost of making dupe slides, near impossibility of getting a decent color print from a slide at a reasonable price, conversion from color to black and white usually didn't work well, having to reload - fast - during an event. 
Having the camera back pop open and ruining the film, lack of contrast range in slide film - giving up some important details to maintain more important details.
Having to carry red, yellow, uv, polarizing, and warming filters. 
Being left eyed and having to move the camera every time I used the film advance.
The whirring, squeaking and clacking noises of winders and motor drives.
The cost of film and processing - at least $20 for every thirty six exposures. 
The cost of paper and chemicals, and  the endless washing of prints. 
The constant worry about whether or not the prints were processed to "archival" standards.
Print dry down where the dry print looks too light, or too dark, or too contrasty, or not contrasty enough, once the print has dried; all of which depended on the brand, and even the batch of paper used.
Seriously impermanent color prints.
Burning and dodging, without seeing the result first. 
All editing (burning, dodging, spotting, retouching, etc.) was undoable.  
High cost of custom prints, separations and copy negatives. 
The expenses surrounding shipping prints or slides.
Having slides returned damaged, at worst, or needing remounting, at best.  Endless debates as to what the best format was and what a "real professional" would use. 
Not making an image because film  was running out. 
Developer stains on clothing, the smell of hypo, mixing chemicals, washing trays and tanks and reels.
Tray processing large format film.
Flattening prints.


Monday, June 24, 2013

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